Tell Your Story


One of the best ways to show courage is to finally tell your story.
If you cannot right now, that is perfectly okay. You are in charge over how and when you do. 

Below are two ways you can anonymously tell your story: 



Would you like to share your story (anonymously) with someone who cares?

Write out your story below—it can be as long or as short as you like—and one of our staff members will read it so it is no longer your burden to carry alone. This is a bold, courageous step and we admire every person who takes it.

*Please note that because you are sharing anonymously, it is impossible to gather personal information. We also have no way of responding.





another method to telling your story is a new website that was recently launched, #ME2CSA.

From their website: is a confidential and anonymous online system for identifying child sex abusers.  The purpose of the system is to provide a safe and confidential method for survivors to identify their abusers and to empower survivors to publicize their identifications if their abusers are identified by multiple survivors.

Identification forms will be reviewed by the Vertigo Charitable Foundation, LLC (VCF), an organization that advocates on behalf of child sex abuse survivors.  For the past 7 years, VCF, whose Founder/CEO is the mother of a survivor, has been consulting with survivors about their legal rights, lobbying for legal reforms, and making documentaries that address the unique issues in survivor cases.

Identification forms will be reviewed and a database of abusers’ personal information will be developed to determine whether a particular abuser has been named by more than one survivor.  In that event, the survivors who identified that abuser will be notified and they will decide whether they want to make their identifications public, either individually or collectively.