Announcing The Courage Panel

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Friday, October 19 | 6 p.m. EST

Facilitated by survivor and author, Nanette Kirsch, The Anatomy of #ChurchToo will explore how a crew of abuse survivors and kitchen table bloggers became a network of advocates, sparking the national reckoning of Church abuse and cover-ups.

A historic panel of prominent church abuse survivors, activists, victim advocates, and reporters have assembled to explain how the #ChurchToo Movement has been a story 30 years in the making. Learn what it takes for a survivor to tell their story, how an amateur group became a highly effective underground network for victim support, and discover how advocates are shining the light on corruption in dark corners of the least likely of all places: religious institutions.

Panelists include (from top, L to R): Peter Janci, advocate and victim attorney; Jules Woodson, survivor and advocate; Boz Tchividjian, law professor and founder of GRACE; Ashley Easter, advocate and founder of The Courage Conference; Gricel Medina, advocate; Nanette Kirsch, survivor and author; (bottom, L to R): Cheryl Summers, advocate; Jim VanSickle, survivor and advocate; Julie Anne Smith, survivor and investigative blogger; Dee Parsons, investigative blogger; Paul Dorsch, survivor and advocate; Monica Daye, advocate.

The event with include both preplanned questions and questions open to the press.
More panelists likely to follow, including producers for "The Rape of Recy Taylor."

Topic Samples

  • Inside the emerging Underground Railroad of advocates supporting the thousands of #ChurchToo survivors,

  • How a thirty-year-old abuse case became national news that rocked the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches,

  • Why survivors go public with their stories and how to tell your story safely,

  • Highlighting the overwhelming hurdles male survivors and women of color face when disclosing abuse,

  • Why massive sex abuse scandals are just now coming to light in both the Catholic and Protestant churches and what we can expect to see moving forward.

Invitation to Press

Press is welcomed to this newsworthy event. Contact for a release, press pass, and entry ticket. **LIMITED AVAILABILITY**

Panelists as covered by the press, in alphabetical order:

Paul Dorsch Survivor | Advocate | Covered in WSPA
Ashley Easter Survivor | Writer | Speaker | Victim Advocate | Courage Conference,
Founder | Covered in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The
Huffington Post, The New Yorker, Associated Press
, Fox News, and
Marie Claire  
Dee Parsons  Investigative Blogger | Survivor Advocate | Broke Jules Woodson’s story
on her blog The Wartburg Watch
Peter Janci Advocate | Covered in The New York Times, The Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times
Cheryl Summers Advocate | Founder, For Such a Time as This | Covered in WFAA, Dallas
News, News OK, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and Church Leaders
Boz Tchividjian Law Professor | Founder & Executive Director, GRACE | Advocate |
Covered in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Associated Press, Vice, and Slate
Jim VanSickle Survivor | Nationally-Known Advocate | Covered in The Washington Post,
CNN, MSN, and Fox News
Jules Woodson Survivor | Advocate | Face of #ChurchToo | Story appears in The NewYork
Times, The Washington Post, The Blaze
, CNN, and Fox News

Ryan Ashton