Special Announcement

The Courage Conference regrets to announce that due to ongoing health concerns related to a serious car accident, Sarah Bessey will not be able to join us this year. In a post from her website dated on August 23rd, 2018, Sarah elaborated on her circumstances:

“I have had to cancel almost all of my speaking engagements for the rest of 2018 and into 2019. In order for me to get any traction on establishing a treatment plan and give my body half a chance to learn how to manage my New Normal, I will have to avoid travel if possible. Airplanes, time changes, and the stress of travelling is a major set-back for me.

“I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia along with a few other things I’m not quite ready to share yet. Apparently, this is a thing that can be triggered particularly in women of my age who experience sudden trauma … like a car accident.

Sarah goes on to say regarding her appearances:

“If you have bought tickets for any event at which I was scheduled to speak this fall, winter, or spring, I hope you will still go and show them your support. Whoever replaces me at those events will be a gift to you, I’m sure. Hopefully in the future, I’ll make it up to these lovely folks.”

While we are sad to hear about Sarah’s condition, we are fully supportive of her doing everything necessary to maintain a healthy and productive life. We want Sarah around for many more years to come, and for those years to be fruitful!

The Courage Conference thanks Sarah Bessey for her presence and ministry, which includes her ongoing support and love for survivors of church abuse and their advocates. We wish Sarah and her family all the best and thank you for your understanding.

Despite the sad news, we are happy to report a speaker filling in for Sarah Bessey will be Dr. Trevicia Williams. Dr. Williams is a survivor, advocate, author, and speaker and is the founder of The Institute for Full Potential Living, where her inside-out approach to the the development and growth of people empowers healthier personal, family, and workplace relationships.

With a Ph.D. in psychology and credentialed human behavior expert, Trevicia is a motivational speaker, author, and child bride survivor whose testimony helped outlaw child marriages in Texas.

Dr. Williams has been featured in many publications, including: Good Housekeeping, Teen Vogue, The Dallas Morning News, The Houston Chronicle, Woman’s Day, HuffPost. Her appearances in media include Radio Disney, BBC Worldwide News Radio, and television shows including Dr. Oz and Megyn Kelly Today. With a deep understanding of abuse and overcoming its effects, we are privileged to have Dr. Williams on board, who will be a huge asset to our speaker lineup.

Ryan Ashton