Jules Woodson: Interview with Fathom Magazine

Jules Woodson has a story to tell. 

In this in-depth piece by Fathom Mag's Abby Perry, the culture of abuse in the Church is examined as well as how survivors are addressing their traumas in redemptive ways. 

From the article:

"Woodson wants those whose vulnerability has been exploited to know that hearing others’ stories of abuse is what led her to share her own. 

'You are not alone. If you want to share your story, I will stand beside you. I know how much it takes to come forward and speak about these things publicly. Survivors who speak up are speaking for the next person. So if I can speak my story for you, you can tell your story for someone too.

'You may choose to share your story anonymously, or privately, or publicly like I did. Those can all be valid choices. No one should be forced to share their stories publicly. I just want people to know they are not alone, because I know how it feels to feel alone in this.'"

 Read Abby Perry's story here. You can meet Jules Woodson and find out more about her life at this year's Courage Conference.

Ryan Ashton