Ashley Easter: Interview with Egal Magazine

In a wide-ranging interview with Egal Magazine's Eileen Berglund, Ashley Easter shared her background, experiences, and what got her started in advocacy.  Ashley shared her hope for the next generation by stating:

“I have a lot of hope for my generation, which I call the “Justice Generation”. One of the greatest challenges I’ve seen for millennials is that they are often not taken very seriously. They are viewed as overly sensitive, troublemakers. I see millennials very differently. I believe, generally speaking, they have a deep sense of empathy and an internal compass that points towards justice. To my fellow millennials I would say, let no one despise your youth. Keep dreaming of a more just society, keep working and voicing your concerns. You have the power to positively change the world. Don’t listen to those who wish to silence you.”

Ashley also shared what inspired her to start The Courage Conference:

“As a survivor and advocate, I’ve seen the devastation of abuse in the church. I realized the survivor and advocacy community needed a place to connect and come together for healing and abuse prevention. In 2016 The Courage Conference was born. Truly, I’ve never experienced such a warm and healing event as The Courage Conference and survivor attendees tell me the same thing.”

The full interview is worth your time and is available at Egal Magazine’s website, which you can access here.

Ryan Ashton