Our Values


The Courage Conference promotes safety, including our ideology and worldview. We advocate both the theoretical and practical equality of men and women in the home, church, and society. Studies of abuse dynamics show the motivation for abuse is power and control. For this reason, we believe gender equality combats power differentiation. We do not align with any ideology that places women in a more vulnerable position and reinforces men to a unilateral position of power and control. 



The Courage Conference values people of all faith traditions, racial and ethnic backgrounds, genders, abilities, and sexual orientations. We do so because abuse affects every part of society, and we strive to offer support to all people, no matter their position within the social strata. We believe no one should experience abuse and everyone deserves help and healing.



The Courage Conference strives to be a safe place for those healing from abuse and trauma. The Courage Conference reserves the right to reject or eject online or in-person attendees and revoke and refund the price of a ticket at any time in order to honor the emotional health of the survivors present. The Courage Conference is not responsible for any additional compensation above the price of the ticket. Safety is paramount.



The Courage Conference is not formally affiliated with any religious institution though many participants self-identify as Christian. We see ourselves as a service to the Church and to those who have been harmed particularly within religious environments. We are happy and willing to serve those with different religious affiliations or without religious affiliations. Abuse affects everyone.



We take trauma triggers seriously and work to create a sensitive environment but it is important to understand that each person’s trauma triggers are different and individual attendees are responsible for managing their own triggers in the best and safest way possible for them.

Event speakers are given sensitivity guidelines but their opinions expressed on stage remain their own and are ultimately not within the power of The Courage Conference to control. Topics related to abuse and religion will be addressed.