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Advocate | Founder of STANDUP- SPEAK OUT

Monica Daye is the voice of many silent whispers. A leader, advocate, poet, women’s activist and founder of StandUp-SpeakOut of North Carolina, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that specializes in servicing children who are exposed to domestic violence and sexual abuse with the assistance of Art Therapy.

A native of Durham, North Carolina, Daye holds a Master of Science in Human Service Counseling and is Board Certified Practitioner for the National Organization for Human Services. She obtained her Bachelors of Science in Psychology in 2012. Daye offers over ten years of experience working with mental health clients and victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. As a certified Victim Service Provider, Daye continues her studies in the holistic approaches to healing, offering hope and resiliency through teaching individuals about Healing Through Arts and the powerful transformation of Expressive Art Therapy.

Twitter: @SUSONC  

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