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Advocate | Preacher | Coach

Donna Coletrane Battle, PhD, is a native of Yanceyville, NC and is currently the Chaplain at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. She previously served as the Executive Pastor of The Way Christian Center in Berkeley California, as well as a Life Coach and Associate Dean of the Chapel at Shaw University.

For the past thirteen years Donna has been engaging and facilitating groups in the areas of building healthy relationships, identity, cultivating ethics, values, diversity, conflict resolution, and justice. She is married to Dedrick Nathaniel Battle and together they have two tremendously terrific children: Caio, 6, and Coletrane, 2. Meditating, spending time with her family, reading, movies, counseling, preaching and teaching are among Donna’s greatest joys in life.

Twitter: @DCBattle

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