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Advocate | Writer and Co-creator of The Wartburg Watch

Dee Parsons is a wife, mother, blogger, victims' advocate and a new Lutheran who holds a BSN and MBA. Dee primarily worked in public health nursing and spent two years on the Navajo Reservation. During that time, Dee encountered a fair number of abuse and neglect clients in her early nursing career.

Dee Parsons launched The Wartburg Watch with her best friend after they observed Dee's former Southern Baptist Church mishandle a pedophile situation. Deciding to focus primarily on abuse in the evangelical church, Dee thought no one would ever read their articles. Sadly, Dee has never been without material to write about, as there is far more abuse in the Church than anyone could have imagined.

The Wartburg Watch tells the stories few people wanted to hear before #MeToo, and has always supported those who have been abused. Dee hopes by providing information on the Church's many misdeeds that church-goers would be empowered and equipped to recognize and avoid abusive churches and church leaders.

Twitter: @wartwatch 

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