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Advocate | Writer | Speaker | Founder of The Courage Conference

Ashley Easter is a Christian feminist, writer, speaker, and abuse-victim advocate who educates churches and secular communities on abuse, introducing them to safe practices and healing resources. She is also the founder of The Courage Conference, a judgement-free place for survivors of abuse—and those who love them—to gather and hear inspiring stories from other survivors about moving forward in boldness and healing. She is the author of  The Courage Coach: A Practical, Friendly Guide on How to Heal From Abuse.

Twitter:  @ashleymeaster

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Will Easter

Advocate | Philanthropist | Co-Founder of The Courage Conference

Will Easter is a businessman and passionate philanthropist whose expertise is corporate social responsibility—building businesses as a platform to serve and empower others.  From co-founding The Courage Conference as a judgement-free refuge for survivors of abuse and educational forum for advocates, to coordinating donations and contributing the construction of homes and schools for street-kids in India, Will lives with a heart for the vulnerable and “loving your neighbor as you love yourself.”


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Ryan Ashton

Advocate | Creative Director of The Courage Conference

Ryan Ashton is an advocate with a range of skills in spanning design, copywriting, marketing, and customer service. A 2018 graduate from Bob Jones University (BFA, Graphic Design), Ryan currently serves as the Director of Technology and Social Media for GRACE and volunteers for Greenville’s Julie Valentine Center and various advocates who serve the vulnerable and silenced.

Twitter:  @ryanllashton

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