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Chrissy stroop Ph.D.

Author | Activist

Chrissy Stroop is a prominent voice in the Exvangelical community dedicated to exposing the abuses that are widespread within Christianity’s evangelical and fundamentalist subcultures and exploring how toxic beliefs foster abuse. Stroop is the creator of viral Twitter hashtags including #ExposeChristianSchools and #EmptyThePews which have enabled thousands of people to share their experiences of abuse within Christianity. Chrissy further analyzes and provides commentary for these and related issues in outlets such as Religion Dispatches, Foreign Policy, Dame Magazine, and Stroop’s blog, Not Your Mission Field, which can be found at, along with resources for survivors of toxic Christianity.

Stroop emphasizes moral autonomy and works to build bridges between those who leave toxic Christianity for healthy religion and those who leave for no religion.

Twitter:  @C_Stroop

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